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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TAG ~ You're It !

I was tagged (last month) over at The Downs Gang, by Lori (my personal stalker). So, here's the deal ~ I have to post 25 random things about myself (Boooring!) & tag 5 others to do the same. Here goes:

1. I have complete OCD when it comes to getting my hair cut. If whoever cuts it screws it up (or I thibk they did), I feel the need to "fix" it. Not usually a good idea !

2. I HATE lightning !

3. I don't talk to my dad ~ EVER !

4. I'm terrified of flying (pass the valium please with a double shot of Crown Royal !)

5. I want a new car (something that is NOT a mommy car)

6. I have lived on my own since I turned 15. I also had my first child at that age (NO ~ I DO NOT REGRET IT !)

7. I love to cook & bake (I'll pass on the cleaning ~ thanks)

8. I am addicted to purses/handbags ! My daughter & I have a shared collection of over 200 !

9. I wish I had OCD about cleaning like I do with getting my hair cut !!

10. I LOVE facebook (yes, another addiction ~ at least it's not drugs!). Where else can you reconnect with some amazing friends that you've lost touch with (for like 20 years)?

11. My kids are my life & I think I'm a pretty good Mom (just ask my kids) !

12. Ok, after this one you may not agree with me on the good mom thing. My daughter is 18, lives at home, has no job & is NOT required to do any chores at home. (Like I said ~ I don't regret my life at all ~ I just want hers to be easier !)

13. I've known since I was 4 years old that I would be a nurse ! The main purpose of said profession being to take care of my grandparents when they got old. Couldn't do it for my grandfather (he was a BIG guy & there was no way I could care for him at home) but I did care for my grandmother (My Princess). Now I'm at a loss as to what I want to do (Nursing no longer appeals to me ~ I did what I set out to do)

14. I have 4 pets : 2 cats, 1 rabbit & a baby turtle

15. I want a dog ! A German Shephard straight from Germany please !

16. I should really exercise more instead of complaining that my jeans are getting tight (I have ranged in size from an 8 to a 16 over the last few years ! I'd really like to get back into my size 8's ! I've made it to 12 so far ~ lol).

17. I make a kick ass cheesecake (from scratch) !

18. I also make a kick ass shoo fly pie (my grandfathers recipe)

19. I LOVE NYC !! Guess I'm a city girl at heart !

20. In addition to my purse addiction ~ I also have a clothing addiction ! (DKNY, Hollister Co. , A&F and Aeropostale are a few of my favorites !)

21. Speaking of DKNY ~ that's also my favorite perfume ! Be Delicious.

22. After 20 years together ~ My husband is still the Love of my life !

23. Ok ~ I know, I have alot of addictions ! Out of the Box Sampler is another one ! I regularly contribute my products to the sample box & I would freak out if I missed buying one of the boxes !

24. I have a friend (found him on facebook after 20 some years !) that is an AMAZING artist & I've asked him to take one of my favorite pictures of my daughter & do a drawing/painting from it !

25. I own over 100 pairs of flip flops !

Here's who I'm tagging:
1. Misty at M-D Candles
2. Olenka at Scrapin' Life
3. Lynette at Crazed Mind
4. Jenn at The Village Peddler
5. Suzanne at Trappeus Lodge


Lori @ The Downs Gang said...

Thats right numero uno stalker baby!!

Lynette said...

LOL well i am not a stalker
but i have become a fan quite quickly

thanks for the tag

25 things
dang no i gotta think

Anonymous said...

aww shucks!!! Thanks for tagging me I will get this on my blog very soon.. need to figure out 5 to tag lol!! OOH and I know I am staying up for this box LOL I want to be one of the firsts ahahaah