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Friday, February 27, 2009

Pumpkin Kountry Marketplace

Here's another Great online business run by two very talented ladies ! An Online Marketplace ! Do you need a great, affordable place to advertise your business ? Just want to do some online shopping ? Head on over to Pumpkin Kountry Marketplace ! They're running a special right now ($3.00 per week to advertise !). Keri & Jodi are GREAT people to work with ! Have a ?, ask away & they respond almost immediately ! They even have a section to advertise your Blog !

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pumpkin Kountry Hosting

If you're looking for a GREAT place to sell your products or services, look no further ! Pumpkin Kountry Hosting is an affordable DIY website host/builder ! It's easy to use (& BIG bonus ~ NO HTML experience needed !) and the ladies that own it are AWESOME ! Pumpkin Kountry Hosting has Full websites & Mini websites , you can use your own graphics or graphics from their site (some are FREE). The Mini sites are only $10.00 per month ! Even the Full sites are a great price ~ only $18.00 per month ! Both include FREE advertising on the Pumpkin Kountry Hosting website ! You can check out a Demo on the site to see how easy it is to build your own website ! Marketing Ad Space is available as well as Ad space for Graphic Designers ! This is a great affordable way to get your products on the web ! Check them out !!

*Stay tuned tomorrow for another great business run by these two very talented ladies !!

(Keri & Jodi)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

M-D Candles Giveaway

Misty over at M-D Candles is having a giveaway ! You can win $25.00 worth of products (you get to pick)! So, part of the entry is to get 5 people to follow her blog ~ PLEASE head over & follow Misty & leave a comment letting her know I (Heather) sent you , you'll get 2 extra entries for it !

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Award from Jenn

The Best Blog Daily Thinker Award from Jenn @ The Village Peddler (BTW ~ she's the one that made my blog header for me). Thanks Jenn !! So now I have to pass it on to 10 other deserving bloggers. Here's my list (in no particular order):

1. Christine @ LiveLaughLove

2. Mindy @ HBK and Me

3. Dana @ MagickMoonSoapWurks

4. Yayastuff

5. Sheila @ The Rusty Rooster

6. Keri @ Primitive Kountry Happenings

7. Mamarazzi @ Dandelion Wishes

8. Lynette @ Crazy Mind

9. Michelle @ Out of the Box Sampler

10. Audrey @ Audrey's Country Crafts

There ya have it ~ off to let them know they have an award !

Monday, February 23, 2009

Noticed a drop in Followers ?

Have you noticed a drop in your followers ? There's some kind of glitch going on with Blogger ! If everyone goes to their dashboard & below the list of blogs that you follow, you'll see a "manage" button. Click on that & make sure you are following publicly (alot of follows were changed to annonymous). I just went in & changed all mine ~ so I should now be "following" all the blogs that I was before !

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Blog Addiction & Spring Cleaning

Yesterday "The Hubby" accused me of being addicted to the computer, blogs specifically. Duh... what's your point ? He then proceded to tell me everything I "could" be doing instead of reading blogs. I'm well aware of what I could be doing, I just choose to read blogs instead ! Blogging wasn't an issue when he was eating the damn chocolate covered macadamia nuts I won ON A BLOG ! So, in order to keep the peace ~ I started my Spring Cleaning today. I made it as far as my bedroom ~ ha ! Oh well, tomorrow is another day. BTW ~ I made a list today of what "the hubby" could be doing ~lol. At the moment, he's SLEEPING on the couch. I'm pretty sure that was NOT on the list I gave him ! So, here I am in front of "my flickering box" (the computer), reading blogs again ~ lmao !

Friday, February 20, 2009


Ok ~ so, I'm at 89 followers (well as of right this minute I am ~ it goes up & down). It's really quite sad how excited I get when I turn on the computer in the morning to find a new follower! So, I've decided that as soon as I reach 100 followers I'll have my next giveaway (I've already been shopping for it ~ lol). If you send someone to my blog to follow me ~ you'll each get 2 extra entries when I post my giveaway ! Just have them leave a comment on THIS post letting me know who sent them to my blog !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hill Billy Kandles Winners !!

First place winner is Diana (10 tarts) & second place winner is Stacie (2 tarts). Emails have been sent to the winners (Diana, I contacted you through your website). Congrats !! Thanks to everyone for entering ! More giveaways coming soon lol, stay tuned !

St. Patty's Giveaway !

Ends March 1st !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, today I decided to bite the bullet & start the process of going through my grandmothers' belongings. I had cleaned out her house mostly while my mother was still here (right after she passed away in Nov). I thought that going through the things that were in storage would be easier. Boy, was I wrong. So many reminders of the amazing woman she was. I'm pretty sure she saved EVERY card I ever made or bought for her. I found them all today, along with programs from school concerts & things like that. I also found her wedding dress. I can remember her letting me play dress up in it when I was about 10 years old (that's probably the only time in my life the dress actually fit me). So, I've been thinking of what I could do with the dress. No one will be able to wear it, but I'm hoping I can salvage some of the lace, etc & use it to make something for my daughter for when she decides to get married (hopefully not for a long time). I'd also like to make something for my 2 cousins (her other grandaughters) to have when they decide to get married (again, hopefully not for a long time). I found letters from some of my grandmothers old boyfriends from high school & tucked into a little box, I found love letters that my grandfather had written her before they got married. That was as far as I got. After reading the letters, I couldn't go through any more. I sat & cried for a long time & thought of the amazing love they shared & how much I miss them both every day. I guess I'm not really ready to sort through her life yet. It still hurts too much. Everyone tells me it will get easier, but I wonder if it really will. For now, I guess everything will just stay in boxes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ok ~ here's the winning # for the Tupperware giveaway : 69
So, that means that Sashafras WINS !! I'm off to send an email now ! Thanks to everyone for checking out Donna's Tupperware site & I hope you'll keep her in mind in the future !!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hill Billy Kandles Review/Giveaway

I recently came across a great little Etsy shop called Hill Billy Kandles. They have hand poured soy wax candles & tarts that are out of this world. Ya know the saying "good things come in small packages"? Yep, these tarts pack a punch ! I could smell them before I even opened the box. I love the fact that when you order from their shop, your order is freshly made & shipped in 1 day ! There are 42 amazing scents to choose from & the cold scent of the tarts is awesome ! I popped a "Primitive Blessings" tart into my warmer & within 30 minutes my house smelled amazing. I love that smell ~ ya know when you walk into a country/prim store? How they all have that teriffic smell? Now I know what it is ~ Primitive Blessings! As usual when my hubby came in from work ~ he was disappointed to find that there were no baked treats awaiting him. You'd think after almost 20 years with me he'd know that there are ALWAYS tarts melting in my warmer ! So, Hill Billy Kandles generously sent me a pack of tarts to give to my blog readers.

Wanna win some awesome tarts? Yeah, I knew ya did.

FIRST ~ Go to the Hill Billy Kandles Etsy Shop, have a look around, then come on back here & leave me a comment on THIS post telling me a favorite scent or product. This must be done for extra entries to count !

For an extra entry ~ Follow my blog (I heart followers!) & leave a comment to let me know you follow.

If you make a purchase from the Hill Billy Kandles Etsy Shop during the giveaway, leave me a comment here to let me know ~ you'll get 15 extra entries for that !

Giveaway ends on the 19th & I'll choose 2 random winners. The first Prize Winner will get a pack of 10 assorted tarts & the runner up will get a pack of 2 tarts. PLEASE make sure I have a way to get in touch with you if you win ! Good luck !

Balloons For Aiden

Balloons for Aiden



Today is a sad day. Cynthia from Confessions of a Yummy Mummy has to bury her baby boy "Aiden Bug" today. In Aiden's memory ~ many of us will be releasing blue balloons today. If you have an extra minute ~ please join us. If you can't release balloons ~ please say a prayer for Cynthia & her family. My heart aches for this family ~ I cannot even begin to imagine their pain. I just want to let you know, the link in this post takes you directly to the post "Introduction" ~ there IS a picture of Aiden James. If you are offended by this ~ don't click the link. I for one, am honored that Cynthia has chosen to share "the bug" with us here in Blogland. He's a beautiful baby boy & I am so sad for his family. My thoughts & prayers are with Cynthia & her family today & in a little while ~ I'll release 9 balloons (one for each month she carried him with her) & when they have floated away, I'll release 1 more (for he eternity he will spend in her heart). Please join us in remembering "The Bug" today.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Out of the Box Sampler ~ February Box Review

It's Out of the Box Sampler time again !! And a quick shout out to Michelle for the awesome job she does, not only putting the boxes together, but all the promoting she does !

Out of the Box Sampler is my ADDICTION !! It ROCKS !! Keep up the Amazing job Michelle !
These are the Goodies that were packaged outside the box (food items ~ yummy)

This is what the box looked like when I opened it up ~ Look at all the goodies !

Sooo cute Heart shaped sugar cookie from Primitive Baking Inc. Soooo YUMMY !! (I ate this one 1st)

Chocolate dipped pretzel stick from adrienne mason (this months box sponsor). It just screams Valentines Day ! Mmmmm I love white chocolate ! (this company is Veteran owned ~ big bonus in my book)

2 Yummy candies from Karen & Nancy Homemade Goodies ~ my daughter snagged these but she assures me they were delicious ~ lol.

Cute Valentines Day Bag Topper with tootsie rolls (love me some tootsie rools !) from
Pretty Wrapped Up

Rest assured, each & every one of these delicious goodies were quickly devoured (by me) before my children could get their grubby little hands on them. Everything was packaged in a very cute take out box covered in glittery pink fabric (LOVED the packaging). First up was the chocolate covered cherry (sinful), Next was the red velvet cake bite dipped in white chocolate (OMG ~ I need about a 100 of these ~ my hips don't ,but I sure do ~ they are the most delicious piece of heaven). Onto the chocolate cake bite rolled in crushed pretzels (can you say yummy?), then the super creamy lemon candy (sooo good) & last but not least i popped that chocolate dipped fortune cookie into my mouth ( so light & crunchy ~ loved it). This little box of sin is from Vintage Confectio & I will so be doing some shopping there (diet? what diet?)

SBS Teas ~ One of my favorite companies sent in Chocolate Decadence soap, a chocolate truffle & a heart shaped pressed black tea. I'm always so thrilled to see their samples in the box !

I Big Red Puffy Heart Memories By Olenka ~ this lady is truly talented (my picture does NOT do this justice). This is a 6x6 scrapbook layout & I LOVE it !! (she's such a sweetie too !)

I am a Prim addict ! These super cute cotton candy scented, hand-dipped grubby candles are sooo cute & smell sooo good ! They're from Strawberry Fields Candles.

Anam Cara Candles sent in a cute little butterfly tart in Dreamsicle scent ~ smells yummy !

Oregon Candle Gels ~ Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scented gel tarts. I LOVE gel tarts ! These smell teriffic ~ one is melting in my burner now!

Soy wax tart in "Love You" scent from Country Light Candle Company. Nice size sample & smells great !

WooHoo ~ JUMBO tart from Things That Make Scents in "shot through the heart" scent ! Add another scent to my list of favorites ! + a 30% discount (I'm all about discounts !)

Gingerbread Soap from Country Heart Gifts ~ nice size sample & has a nice sweet/spicy scent !

Cherry Almond scented bath salts from Natural Goodies ~ Yep, you guessed it, another favorite scent!

Groovy Garden Buttermilk & Dead Sea Salt Bath from Chrysler Creek. This is a very generous size sample (not a scent for me so I'll pass it along).

Park Avenue Creations ~ Heart shaped glycerin soap in Sweet Thang scent (nice light scent) & Amber Romance Body Butter (which my darling daughter snatched right out of my hands & proceeded to run up the stairs with ~ it's her favorite scent so I didn't tackle her to the ground to get it back (ummm... it is still Not Me Monday, right? Just kidding, I really didn't)). Everything was packaged in a pretty red organza bag along with a 20% discount!

HUGE Vanilla Bean scented Bath Bomb from The Rooster Mill (which I'll be taking upstairs shortly with a glass of wine & a book and heading to a nice hot soak in the tub).

A coupon from Ticklish Moose for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase

Had to show the packaging ~ Love it ! (Purely-Mine)

And what was inside the packaging ~ 2.5 oz. lotion in lavender mist scent (I think I am the only person on the planet that gets a headache from lavender, so I'll have to pass this one along) & 2.5 oz. of Creamy Bubbles in Girlie Girl scent ~ smells great + free shipping on a $25.00 order
So, there ya have it ~ My February OOTB Sampler (which by the way I had to stay up until midnight to buy, because I was terrified they would be sold out if I went to bed & waited until a normal hour). Until next month.............................

WooHoo ~ Package from Hawaii

I joined in on the swapping fun for the An Island Life 2009 Valentine Swap. There was a drawing for all participant to win a gift package of goodies from Hawaii. Can ya guess ~ Yep, I WON !! My package came today & I am in love with everything ! Here's what I got:
A Beautiful 2009 calender with amazing pictures of Hawaii (now hanging above my desk), A box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts ( these are the only nuts that I like ! Get your mind out of the gutter Misty, this is a family friendly blog), a bag of Mauna Loa Hershey Kisses (they have macadamia nuts too), a cute post it pad with flowers on it & Hurricane popcorn made in hawaii !!
I soooo need to visit Hawaii someday !

My Valentine Swap from Amelia

This is my awesome Valentine swap from Amelia from the Prim & Whimsy Heart Shaped Tokens of Love Swap. I LOVED everything !! The heart box is too cute (I didn't think to take a pic with the lid off)it has a surprise inside !! The soap is awesome, the Valentine tissues went immediately into my purse & the candy..... well, I LOVE candy lol. Thank you Amelia !!


Check this out ladies (but have your tissues handy ~ you'll need them)!

Tupperware Review & A Giveaway

In this day & age, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE has heard of Tupperware. There was a time (many years ago)when I didn't have a clue what it was ~ lol. My mother in law took pity on me & bought me an amazing set of Tupperware for Christmas one year & I've been addicted ever since! I have an overwhelming need for my kitchen to be organized. My counters contain Tupperware, my cupboards contain Tupperware & my refrigerator contains Tupperware.It feeds my organizational addiction ~ lol ! I'm not big on having "in house" parties, so I love the fact that I can host an "online" Tupperware party & still earn all those fabulous freebies ! There are soooo many teriffic products to choose from, but I always worry when buying something new "What if I don't like it"?. Not a problem with Tupperware ~ they have a 30 day money back guarantee ! It's even a great idea for a fundraiser (I'm thinking of pitching it to my sons' school ~ I'm really tired of all the same same same fundraisers that the schools do !). I've also gotten quite a few great recipes from the Tupperware website !

So, I've teamed up with Donna to offer one lucky blog reader a $25.00 Tupperware Surprise Package ! Here's how you can win :

1. Visit Donna's Website ~ come back here & leave me a comment on THIS post telling me about your favorite product. That's 2 entries. This step MUST be done for other entries to count!

2.Follow my blog & leave a comment to let me know you do ~ that's 1 more entry.

3. If you place an order with Donna during this giveaway ~ leave me a comment to let me know you did ~ that gets you 20 extra entries ! Yep, you read right,I said 20!

4. If you host an online party that starts during this giveaway ~ let me know in a comment ~ you'll get 15 more entries for that !

5. I Heart Bloggy Love ! So, if you blog about this giveaway, leave me a comment with a link to your post ~ 10 more entries for you !

Giveaway runs from today (2/9) through 2/16. Winner will be chosen & notified on 2/17

PLEASE make sure I have a way to contact you if you win ! Good luck everyone !

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here's what I did not do this weekend:

I did not have a huge argument with my husband this weekend, spend most of Sunday in tears or try to cover my red swollen eyes with makeup.

I did not suggest I need to be medicated to put up with my family.

I did not drink 2 entire pots of coffee myself on Sunday & then lie to my husband about it (I'm allergic to caffeine ~ why on earth would I drink that much coffee?), nor did I spend my entire Sunday with severe chest pain from drinking 2 pots of coffee.

I did NOT spend umpteen hours in front of the computer this weekend catching up on blogs I follow.

I did not seriously neglect housework that desperately needed to be done this weekend, nor did I put off for the 1,001st time going through my Grandmothers things that I got out of storage because I just CAN'T deal with it right now.

I did NOT spend hours reading the Twilight book that I swore I was not going to read.
And I did not spend most of the weekend in my pajamas because I was too lazy to get dressed.

Oh yeah, and I didn't seriously consider strangling my husband because for the gazillionth time he trimmed his beard & left the hair ALL over the bathroom sink & counter !

And I did NOT have soooo much fun writing this "Not Me" post !!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

WooHoo Box Part Deux !

Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom is having another WooHoo Box giveaway !! Don't know what a WooHoo Box is? Just click the link above to find out !

Saturday, February 7, 2009

E.M.'s Launch Party

Exraordinary Mothers Launch Party ~ Starts Feb. 9th !! There's gonna be tons of fun activities !! LIVE giveaways & Bloggy Love for everyone that attends !! Everyone could use some bloggy love, so make sure to stop by !!

Friday, February 6, 2009

WooHoo~Prim/Country Giveaway !

OMG ~ AWESOME Giveaway if ya like prim/country !! Do you see all those delightful goodies ?? I sooo need to win this ~ lol !

Another GREAT Giveaway !

Great giveaway going on over at Primitive Mom of Two's Blog ! A beautiful scarf, a stitchery & ohhhh favorite, white chocolate hot cocoa mix !


Coco-Zen Giveaway

WooHoo ~ chocolate giveaway on the dirty shirt blog !! Mmmmm Truffles.......

Juicy Couture Earrings ~ Giveaway !!

Zen Cupcake is giving away a pair of Juicy Couture Cupcake Earrings !!

The super cute earrings come in an adorable box that comes to you in the adorable cupcake bag you see in the photo ! Who wouldn't want to win this ?? Check it out by clicking on the link (you'll also be able to see other pictures, including a pic of what the earrings look like). What are you waiting for ??

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lemming Central Valentine Sample Bag

This was my first time buying (and contributing to) the Lemming Central Sample Bag/Box. I was NOT disappointed ! All the samples arrived packaged in a pretty pink gift bag with hot pink tissue paper & a package of Sweethearts Candies attached ! Not only did the bag look great, what was inside the bag was even better ! Here's what I got:
East Coast Tropics ~ Maile Lei Soap wrapped in pretty red & white paper with a red bow. Very clean, fresh scent ! (+ 10% discount)
What's That Smell
? ~ (2) 1 oz. take out tarts ~ Pink Sugar (one of my daughter's favorite scents!) & Hello Sweetie (I LOVE this one ~ has a nice lemony scent) all wrapped up in a pretty Valentine cello bag with a pink ribbon ! (+ 20% discount)

Lunableu ~ 2 perfume samples packaged in a very pretty Gold Organza bag. First was Cocoa Pink & my daughter is gonna love it ! Smells like a combination of Pink Sugar & Chocolate ~ yummy!!The second sample was Blackberry Noel & I LOVE it ! (+ a FREE EDP or perfume roll-on with any order)

Little Egg Harbor Soap ~ 3 goodies packaged in a cello bag with burgundy & cream ribbons ! First was the Redux Multi-Grain Facial Scrub which is a powder that you mix with water & use to cleanse your face (I can't wait to try this!) ~ has a very clean scent. Then there's Olive Oil Smoothie Soap & Lavender Soap (I'll pass the lavender soap along to someone that likes that scent ~ for some reason it gives me a headache)

Things That Make Scents ~ OMG ~ this is the biggest tart I have ever seen ! Wine Cellar scent which is definitely a new favorite ! Packaged in a pretty Valentine cello bag. I can't seem to put this one down ~ the scent is amazing ! Gonna have to melt some of this one tonight! (+ 30% discount)

This picture does not do the size justice !

Kreations by Kathie ~ 4 Red Hot Candies scented hearts (I'm not sure if these are tarts or soap?) (+ 15% discount)

Ugly Duckling Designs ~ This is the cutest cupcake tart with pink frosting & a red heart in the center ! AND it's in my favorite scent ~ Lovespell ! (+ 15% off retail order). If you haven't checked out this website yet, you don't know what you're missing ! Michelle is sooo creative & has some amazing products on her website !!

Nice Touch ~ 1 oz. sample of Handmade Goat Milk Soap in Victorian Rose scent. I'm lovin' the smell of this soap !

Elementals by Diane ~ Handmade natural soap sample in Lemonaide scent. I love citrus scents & this one is top notch !

SBS Teas ~ This is one of my favorite companies ! Their samples are teriffic & very generous ! Included in the very pretty cello bag tied with a red ribbon, was: Sweetheart Blend Rooibos Tea (has adorable little pink candy hearts in it), Chocolate Decadence Soap which smells delicious, Formed Heart Green Tea (this is something I've never seen before ~ the tea is actually pressed into the shape of a heart!) and of course a Dark Chocolate Truffle (Mmmmmm) (+ 15% discount)

Picture of ALL the SBS goodies !

Lily Gulch Soaps ~ Premium Natural Soap sample in natural raspberry scent and Smoothing Grains Facial Scrub (this one is a powder too that you mix with water). The soap smells like fresh picked raspberries & the facial scrub has a nice clean scent. I loved the simple kraft bag packaging ! (+ 10% discount)

Farm Hussy ~ The name of this company just cracks me up ! They certainly spoil us box buyers! I got : 1/2 oz. of Victorian Tea Rose scented Bath Fizzle FoShizzle (lmao), 4 oz. Fowl Play (directions: rub generously over chafed teets & chapped hides) & 1 oz. Udderly Tickled Hand Lotion ! (+ free 2 oz. product with order) Oh yeah ~ and Valentine candy too ! Everything smells great & I'll definitely be placing an order soon (not only are the products great, but I get a laugh out of the names!)
*Also included was a sample from my company "Willow Lake Scents". If you've read any of my OOTB sampler reviews then you know I don't review my own products ~ lol. But, Lori (my personal stalker) will soon be doing a review of a variety of products from Willow Lake Scents !
This was a GREAT Sample box !