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Monday, February 9, 2009

Out of the Box Sampler ~ February Box Review

It's Out of the Box Sampler time again !! And a quick shout out to Michelle for the awesome job she does, not only putting the boxes together, but all the promoting she does !

Out of the Box Sampler is my ADDICTION !! It ROCKS !! Keep up the Amazing job Michelle !
These are the Goodies that were packaged outside the box (food items ~ yummy)

This is what the box looked like when I opened it up ~ Look at all the goodies !

Sooo cute Heart shaped sugar cookie from Primitive Baking Inc. Soooo YUMMY !! (I ate this one 1st)

Chocolate dipped pretzel stick from adrienne mason (this months box sponsor). It just screams Valentines Day ! Mmmmm I love white chocolate ! (this company is Veteran owned ~ big bonus in my book)

2 Yummy candies from Karen & Nancy Homemade Goodies ~ my daughter snagged these but she assures me they were delicious ~ lol.

Cute Valentines Day Bag Topper with tootsie rolls (love me some tootsie rools !) from
Pretty Wrapped Up

Rest assured, each & every one of these delicious goodies were quickly devoured (by me) before my children could get their grubby little hands on them. Everything was packaged in a very cute take out box covered in glittery pink fabric (LOVED the packaging). First up was the chocolate covered cherry (sinful), Next was the red velvet cake bite dipped in white chocolate (OMG ~ I need about a 100 of these ~ my hips don't ,but I sure do ~ they are the most delicious piece of heaven). Onto the chocolate cake bite rolled in crushed pretzels (can you say yummy?), then the super creamy lemon candy (sooo good) & last but not least i popped that chocolate dipped fortune cookie into my mouth ( so light & crunchy ~ loved it). This little box of sin is from Vintage Confectio & I will so be doing some shopping there (diet? what diet?)

SBS Teas ~ One of my favorite companies sent in Chocolate Decadence soap, a chocolate truffle & a heart shaped pressed black tea. I'm always so thrilled to see their samples in the box !

I Big Red Puffy Heart Memories By Olenka ~ this lady is truly talented (my picture does NOT do this justice). This is a 6x6 scrapbook layout & I LOVE it !! (she's such a sweetie too !)

I am a Prim addict ! These super cute cotton candy scented, hand-dipped grubby candles are sooo cute & smell sooo good ! They're from Strawberry Fields Candles.

Anam Cara Candles sent in a cute little butterfly tart in Dreamsicle scent ~ smells yummy !

Oregon Candle Gels ~ Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scented gel tarts. I LOVE gel tarts ! These smell teriffic ~ one is melting in my burner now!

Soy wax tart in "Love You" scent from Country Light Candle Company. Nice size sample & smells great !

WooHoo ~ JUMBO tart from Things That Make Scents in "shot through the heart" scent ! Add another scent to my list of favorites ! + a 30% discount (I'm all about discounts !)

Gingerbread Soap from Country Heart Gifts ~ nice size sample & has a nice sweet/spicy scent !

Cherry Almond scented bath salts from Natural Goodies ~ Yep, you guessed it, another favorite scent!

Groovy Garden Buttermilk & Dead Sea Salt Bath from Chrysler Creek. This is a very generous size sample (not a scent for me so I'll pass it along).

Park Avenue Creations ~ Heart shaped glycerin soap in Sweet Thang scent (nice light scent) & Amber Romance Body Butter (which my darling daughter snatched right out of my hands & proceeded to run up the stairs with ~ it's her favorite scent so I didn't tackle her to the ground to get it back (ummm... it is still Not Me Monday, right? Just kidding, I really didn't)). Everything was packaged in a pretty red organza bag along with a 20% discount!

HUGE Vanilla Bean scented Bath Bomb from The Rooster Mill (which I'll be taking upstairs shortly with a glass of wine & a book and heading to a nice hot soak in the tub).

A coupon from Ticklish Moose for $5.00 off a $25.00 purchase

Had to show the packaging ~ Love it ! (Purely-Mine)

And what was inside the packaging ~ 2.5 oz. lotion in lavender mist scent (I think I am the only person on the planet that gets a headache from lavender, so I'll have to pass this one along) & 2.5 oz. of Creamy Bubbles in Girlie Girl scent ~ smells great + free shipping on a $25.00 order
So, there ya have it ~ My February OOTB Sampler (which by the way I had to stay up until midnight to buy, because I was terrified they would be sold out if I went to bed & waited until a normal hour). Until next month.............................


Lori @ The Downs Gang said...

hey you got diffrent stuff than

Anonymous said...

OOH my gosh I love how you do your reviews ... ::taking notes:: I still need to do mine!! And i got a sample from you woohooo!! Thank you soo much for the comment and the review sweety!! You are a sweety too. And email me anytime for anything 80)

Diana said...

WOW, I am so jealous LOL I cannot wait to start signing up for these things in a couple of months!!!

Military Momz said...

What a great package!!!