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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well, today I decided to bite the bullet & start the process of going through my grandmothers' belongings. I had cleaned out her house mostly while my mother was still here (right after she passed away in Nov). I thought that going through the things that were in storage would be easier. Boy, was I wrong. So many reminders of the amazing woman she was. I'm pretty sure she saved EVERY card I ever made or bought for her. I found them all today, along with programs from school concerts & things like that. I also found her wedding dress. I can remember her letting me play dress up in it when I was about 10 years old (that's probably the only time in my life the dress actually fit me). So, I've been thinking of what I could do with the dress. No one will be able to wear it, but I'm hoping I can salvage some of the lace, etc & use it to make something for my daughter for when she decides to get married (hopefully not for a long time). I'd also like to make something for my 2 cousins (her other grandaughters) to have when they decide to get married (again, hopefully not for a long time). I found letters from some of my grandmothers old boyfriends from high school & tucked into a little box, I found love letters that my grandfather had written her before they got married. That was as far as I got. After reading the letters, I couldn't go through any more. I sat & cried for a long time & thought of the amazing love they shared & how much I miss them both every day. I guess I'm not really ready to sort through her life yet. It still hurts too much. Everyone tells me it will get easier, but I wonder if it really will. For now, I guess everything will just stay in boxes.


Out of the Box Sampler said...

Heather, you have such amazing memories of her! Cherish those.

What a great thought about the wedding dress, maybe you could make garters from the lace/beads!


TeresaM said...

Big hugs!!! I'm sorry you need to deal with this kind of pain. Sounds like you will have many many many happy memories to help you overcome it.

Room by Room Primitive Decorating said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Remember, she will always be with you in spirit. Cherish all your memories with her.

Jules said...

You do have some awesome memories, savor those! And if you have to cry, cry, you'll feel better after. I can't say it gets easier, but you do learn to cope. My Mom passed 4yrs ago and I still cry, but they are now tears of happiness, remembering the good times!
Take care & smile! ;0)
(Hey by the way I'm your 'Favorite Things Swap' partner) I cant wait to send out your pakage!

Anonymous said...

I can understand how painful it is for you to have to go through this. I think you are doing the right thing by doing a little at a time. Enjoy those memories-that has to be the hardest and yet the best part of it all.
I lost my Grandpa on Christmas Day of 2000-so I can relate.
You write nicely...I am glad that I visited your blog today.

Sass said...

Thinking of you...and you know, you'll go through it when you're ready. And if you need to sit down and have a big cry, that's okay, too.

Memories are so powerful, thank you for sharing yours.

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

Take your time going thru your grandmothers stuff and remember and enjoy the new things you find out about her. She will always be with you.