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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayers for Tuesday's Family

Many of you have been following the story of Tuesday or have joined in on "Pray for Tuesday on Tuesdays". This sweet little girl has touched the lives of so many people all around the world. People like me, who never knew her, but loved her anyway. Her family needs your love & prayers Now more than ever. Tuesday Fiona Whitt lost her battle with cancer on 1/30/09. She was only 2 years old. So tonight, hold your kids a little closer & let them know how much you love them. If your kids are old enough to understand, click here & share with them the story of Tuesday & while you're there, let her family know they are not alone, that we are all thinking of them & praying for them & holding Tuesday close in our hearts !

Friday, January 30, 2009

Organization Giveaway

Oh My Gosh ~ hurry over to check out this awesome giveaway (valued at over $200.00). Need to get organized? Then you definitely need to go check out this giveaway !

Pay It Forward

I found this over at Morning Glories & Moonflowers Blog & just had to join in. I'm all about Random Acts of Kindness & Paying it Forward !! So, here's the deal... The first 3 people to comment on this post & agree to Pay it Forward to 3 people on their blog will within the next 365 days ~ receive a gift of love from me in the mail ! That's all... just leave a comment &then post about it on your blog, then the 1st 3 people to leave you a comment & agree to pay it forward to 3 more people on their blog ~ you send them a gift ! This is such a GREAT idea. You never know when you'll get a "surprise" gift from a blogging buddy ! SO... Who's first ??

Thursday, January 29, 2009

February is Blog Luv Comment Month

February has been declared Blog Luv Comment Month!! When you see this button ~ leave some comment Luv !! Click on the button now to go to the awesome blog that started it & find out the rules ! My commitment will be at least 5 but I'm shooting for 10 !

Monday, January 26, 2009

Scentsy Giveaway Ending

Scentsy Giveaway ends at midnight tonight ! Hurry & enter for your chance to win ! Click here to go to the giveaway post now. I'll announce the winner tomorrow morning !

WINNER : micaela6955/michelep

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Magick Moon Soap Wurks Review/Giveaway

Part of the BLOGGY CARNIVAL list of giveaways ! Hurry to enter them all ! Just click on the Bloggy Carnival photo to take you there !

Ok Folks ~ Another Amazing giveaway. This is from one of my FAVORITE companies ! Dana from Magick Moon Soap Wurks has aggreed to give 1 lucky blog reader one of Magick Moon's newest Valentine Soaps !! I'm jealous ~ lol, I haven't tried this one yet, but I can only imagine that it is awesome ~ ALL of Dana's soaps are awesome !! I have personally tried several different soaps & can say in all honesty that Magick Moon ROCKS !! (US ONLY ~ Sorry)

Here's what Dana has to say about Magick Moon Soaps :

Our products are lovingly created with Magick and Pure Intent. There are no pre-manufactured soap bases, preservatives, harsh detergents, drying agents, parabens, dyes, fillers or synthetics. We make every single bar by hand and from scratch- ensuring you the absolute highest quality available.

Magick Moon also carries Lactose & Gluten Free soaps for people with allergies or super sensitive skin (although I must say that I have very sensitive skin & not one of the soaps I have used has had any negative effects on my skin. In fact, my skin is so silky smooth since I've started using Dana's soaps that my husband has even commented on it!)

Ohhh and the scents! How about Amazing Harvest Apples or Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Raspberry Patchouli is one of my personal favorites !Some of the Magickal Cleansing soaps really grabbed my attention ! Be Wicked, Immortality or how about Persephone's Desire.

Magick Moon Soap Wurks is also starting a Soap of the Month Club !! How cool is that ?? Amazing soaps delivered right to your door each month !

Ok ~ now for the rules of the giveaway. Trust me when I tell you ~ You definitely want to get in on this one !!

Go to Dana's website & choose your favorite product. Come on back here & leave me a comment about it on THIS post. That's 1 entry.

For extra entries:

Follow Dana's Blog for 2 extra entries (leave a comment on this post to let me know you're following)

Follow My Blog & get 1 extra entry (leave a comment on this post to let me know you're following)

Sign up for the Magick Moon Newsletter for 1 extra entry

If you make a purchase from the Magick Moon website any time during this giveaway, leave me a comment on this post & get 5 extra entries. If you spend over $20.00 ~ you get 10 extra entries ~ just make sure to leave me a comment here on this post to let me know you made a purchase.

If you post about this giveaway on your blog ~ leave a comment on this post with the link & get 3 extra entries !

All in all, pretty painless, right ? You can get up to 18 entries for this giveaway !! PLEASE make sure that I have a way to get in touch with you if you're the winner !! Giveaway ends at midnight on February 1st & I will pick a winner using on February 2nd.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

April Showers Giveaway

You definitely want to get in on this one !! Super awesome prizes being given away ~ hurry on over & enter to win !!

Friday, January 23, 2009

M-D Candles Review & Giveaway

Part of the BLOGGY CARNIVAL list of giveaways. Hurry & enter them all. Just click on the Bloggy Carnival photo above!
At M-D Candles, ALL products are made fresh !! No sitting on the shelf for months collecting dust ! That's a HUGE selling point for me, I can't tell you how many candles I've purchased that are just NOT up to my standards(Yeah, who knew I had standards). I was a candle maker for many years & I have some pretty high expectations from the products I buy. At M-D Candles, those expectations are met time & time again ! (US ONLY ~ sorry)

This is the AWESOME Electric Candle that Misty has agreed to give one of my lucky blog readers ! It comes with a tin plate, pip berry garland & bulb. And, guess what ~ the winner can choose ANY scent & color they want !! Yep, like I said ~ MADE FRESH !!

Some of M-D Candles other awesome products include: these beautiful Pillar Candles

Canning Jar Candles



But that is only a sampling of the products offered at M-D Candles !! Some of the mouth watering scents include: Buttercreme Krunch, Cinnamon Stix, Cucumber Melon, Heaven, Orange Patchouli, & Spiced Cranberry. You can see a complete list with scent description on the M-D Candles website.

Misty uses only 100% Soy wax in all her products as well as 100% natural cotton wicks. A HUGE turn-off for me is buying a candle that doesn't completely melt ~ you know, you light the candle & it burns completely down the center leaving a ton of wax in its wake. M-D Candles have a teriffic melt pool & burn COMPLETELY !! That's another big selling point for me ~ No wasted wax. I'm spending my hard earned moolah & I expect to get my moneys worth !

OK ~ Wanna know how you can win that AWESOME Electric Candle?? It's pretty painless, Really. Just go to the M-D Candles website & pick your favorite product or scent. Come on back here & leave me a comment about it (on this post only!). That's all ya really Have to do.Of course if ya really want to win ~ here are a few extra entries you can get:

~Follow M-D Candles Blog & leave me a comment here to let me know you're following for 2 extra entries.

~Follow My blog & leave a comment here to let me know you're following ~ that'll get ya 1 extra entry.

~If you make a purchase from M-D Candles during this giveaway (Misty has a discount on her site right now!), come on back here & leave a comment to let me know ya bought something ! That one gets ya 5 extra entries. If you spend more that $25.00 ~ you get 10 extra entries !!

Comment deadline is midnight on February 1st. I'll pick a winner using & post it here on the 2nd. I'll also send the winner an email, so PLEASE make sure I have a way to get in touch with you !! If I have no email address then I have to pick another winner.

*** As an added bonus ~ if you make a purchase from M-D Candles during the giveaway.... I'll send you a sample pack of products from Willow Lake Scents.... FREE !!!!***

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Out of the Box Sampler Review !

It's here, It's Finally Here !! The January Out of the Box Sampler arrived on my doorstep this afternoon ! I love the new "box" the samples are packaged in ! So, without further ado ~ here is what I received & my opinion on the products ! First, there were 3 lovely samples packaged "outside the box" (details with individual pictures). "Outside the box" products from M-D Candles, Lucky Dog Treat Company & Sweet Ambs
OMG ~ Look at all the goodies !!

Georgeous Cookie from Sweet Ambs that I almost didn't eat because it was so pretty. Ok ~ so I broke down & ate it ~ YUMMY !! Orange Vanilla Spice flavor.

Top is the packaging for the Sweet Ambs Cookie. Bottom of picture is a package of 6 little doggie treats (shaped like shamrocks) in the cutest cello bag with paw prints on it. The label is too cute !! I don't have a doggie (yet ~ I'm still workin' on the hubby!) so I'm passing this on to a friend that does. This is from Lucky Dog Treat Company

Full size jar candle in Cinnamon Stix scent from M-D Candles. This candle smelled Yummy on cold sniff, but even better once I lit it !! My whole house smelled like I spent the day baking ! Hubby asked what kind of goodies I was baking (he was pretty disappointed to find that it was the candle burning ~ said I really shouldn't tease him like that ~ lmao!). Once again Misty didn't disappoint ! I'm always happy to see her samples in the box !

Mary Kay samples from Tracy Hardesty ~ mineral eye color, mineral cheek color & creme lipstick ~ all in colors that I will definitely use so great sample. Plus 20% off lipstick or lipgloss & 25% off all skin care products ! Next is the cute catnip toy with the Hippie VW Car on it from
Colorado Catnip Toys ~ my kitties are lovin' this already ! Then there is the Nice sized candle in a tin in Mulberry scent (one of my favorite scents!) from Sweet Texas Scents ~ great scent on cold sniff ! And the last one in this picture is a 4 oz. jar of Aroma Beads in Fireside Embers scent from Deborahs Candle Magick ~ Very generous sample & pleasant scent. She also included a 15% discount on 1st purchase & a "special gift" w/ order.

Here we have Bath Salts in Ice scent from Scentimentally You ~ Very nice fresh scent ! Vanilla Pumpkin Take Out Tart from Angel Made Scents (love her tarts !). Cute little gift shaped unscented Shea Butter soap from Luxspa & a nice sized Gift shaped Tart from M-D Candles in Cinnamon Apple scent (another of my favorite scents). Smells Divine !!

Left to Right ~ Cinnabun Tart from Luxspa that smells awesome !! Pine scented Bath Salts from Divine Serenity Salts. I didn't think I was going to like this one at first ~ pine isn't really my thing, but I opened the bag & was pleasantly surprised ! This sample really smells Great !! And the last one is from ME ~ I don't review my own samples ~ lol. So I'll just tell you that it's a Honey Orange Sugar & Shea Lip Scrub.

This is the cutest Flip Flop Tart from Ugly Duckling Designs. Large tart & it smells amazing !! I could smell this one way before I even opened the bag! Plus a 15% discount !! Thanks for the Hint of Summer Michelle !!

Next up is this nice size sample of Lavender Rose Cream Goats Milk Soap. Normally, I HATE lavender, but for some reason I LOVE this sample !! Maybe it's the combination of lavender & rose, I don't know, but this is heading off to the tub with me tonight !! This is from Magick Moon Soap Wurks

Peanut Butter Blossom Melt from Blue Rose Candles. I was VERY tempted to put this on a plate on the table & see who would be the first to try & eat it ~ lmao. I resisted the urge & put it in my warmer instead !

Vegan Coffee Bar Soap from Anitas Crafty Creations. I love that this soap has coffee grounds in it for an exfoliant ! Next is a nice size Gel Tart from Oregon Candle Gels in Oregon Campfire scent. I LOVE that someone has finally made a gel tart !! Nice scent too !

Here we have a very generous sample from My Two Sunshines . A Pink Frosted Cupcake scented tart ~ OMG this smells sooooo Yummy !! & Rice Flower & Shea Yogurt Lotion. I've never tried a yogurt lotion before, so I was excited to get this sample ! It left my hands feeling so smooth & moisturized !! And Rice Flower & Shea is definitely a new favorite scent !!

And last but Definitely NOT least is this absolutely beautiful Valentine's Day card from Memories by Olenka. Let me just say, this is one talented lady !! I will absolutely be heading to her website for all my card giving needs !!

Inside of the card
So, there ya have it ~ Another AWESOME BOX from Out of the Box Sampler !! Teriffic Job Michelle !!
BTW ~ Next months box goes on sale February 6th so you get it in time for Valentin's Day!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whimsical Prims ~ Giveaway I won

SO, yesterday I got a package in the mail from South Africa. I'm thinking to myself ~ I don't know anyone in South Africa! Hmmm.... turns out it's the prize I won on the Whimsical Prims Blog ! OMG ~ Awesome ! I loved EVERYTHING !! By far though my favorite has to be the little Reminder Journal ! (upper left corner of pic) It's now sitting on my desk & already has a few little "notes to self" in it. Thank You so much Lynda ~ I love it all !
I also just won on BNM (button is in my sidebar), but I won't be posting pics of that here ~ lol (adult content). I will say though that it looks like I'll be having a VERY good Valentines Day ~ lmao !!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Here are your random numbers:31
Timestamp: 2009-01-19 01:41:31 UTC

So, the winner of the door prize is : nanja

Heading of to notify the winner now !!


No reply from the first winner drawn so I chose another # ~ Here it is

Here are your random numbers:58
Timestamp: 2009-01-21 23:44:51 UTC

So the NEW WINNER of the door prize is :
LARA ..... Hope I win

Going to notify her now ~ hopefully she claims her prize !!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Door Prizes ~ GO EAGLES !!

Tomorrow the Eagles are playing !! If they win ~ I'll be randomly picking 3 winners for door prizes from the comments for my Valentine Giveaway ! If they lose (that is NOT going to happen ~ please ~ I really don't want to deal with the hubby if they lose!) I'll pick 1 winner. Don't worry though ~ you'll still be eligible to win the Valentine Giveaway ! I'll let the winner(s) know tomorrow night ! GO EAGLES !!

Valentines Day Swap

I just signed up for this awesome Valentines Day Swap !! Click on the picture to join the fun !

~What is your idea of a romantic Valentine’s Day? A nice quiet dinner at home with my hubby (no kids allowed)
~In reality, what is your Valentine’s Day really like? Just another day ~ hubby is not very big on Valentines Day !
~If you could have a lifetime supply of your favorite sweet indulgence, what would it be? Definitely Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
~Is there any sweet treat you absolutely do not like? Black liquorice, Anything Cinnamon
~If you fell into a pool of chocolate, how would you get out? Ummm.... Hello, why would I want to get out?????
I'll be sending my contribution to the swap to : # 30 Kristinia ~ Loving Heart Mommy
I'm off to let her know !

I loved the new blog header I won sooo much ~ so I asked Jenn to create matching Business cards, etc. In a matter of like an hour ~ I had them !! She opened an etsy shop today so go check it out !! Just click on the picture of all my new goodies !! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH JENN !!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cupcake Giveaway !

One lucky winner will receive a basket filled with jewelry, cards and tags, magnets, prints, wristlet key chains, bath and body goodies, stickers, and so much more...all in a cupcake theme!

Click on the cupcake button on my side bar to go to the giveaway & enter for your chance to win !!

Scentsy Review/Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED ! WINNER IS : micaela6955/micheleP ~ I'm off to notify her now ! Thanks to everyone for entering !! Keep you eye out for more great giveaways !!

Here it is ~ the promised review/giveaway:

Andreah from SimplyAndreah is giving away a Scentsy Car Candle ! Here's what you need to do to enter:

First ~ Go to SimplyAndreah, have a look around, then come back here & post a comment & tell me what your favorite Scentsy product is. That'll get you 1 entry.

Second ~ Follow Andreah's Blog & you'll earn another entry (don't forget to leave a comment here letting me know you're following her!) (We're at 2 now).

Third ~ Follow My Blog - that'll get you 1 more entry (post a comment to let me know you're following) (That's 3).

Finally ~ If you make a purchase from SimplyAndreah during this giveaway ~ come back here & leave a comment to let me know & get yourself 5 extra entries ! (WooHoo ~ 8 possible entries!)

I have tried several Scentsy products in the past & I Love them ! Their Scenty Bars are highly scented & long lasting & go perfectly with their Plug in Warmers or Full Size Warmers !

You have until midnight on the 26th of this month to get your entries in. On Tuesday morning I'll announce the winner !

Custom Made Blog Header

Woo Hoo ~ The Village Peddler is giving away a custom made blog header ~ but ya gotta hurry ~ this one ends tonight !!


SO I've decided to try to help others get their name out there by doing reviews/giveaways for them here on my blog. I've entered a gazillion giveaways, posted reviews for Out of the Box Sampler & I have a ton of fun doing it ! I've joined some awesome networking sites & "met" some great people. There are a ton of amazing, talented people out there & what better way to get your name out there than here in cyber land ! Look for my first review/giveaway coming later today ! And if anyone is interested in having me review your product or host a giveaway for you ~ just drop me a line ~ I'd be more than happy to try to help you "get noticed".

Out of the Box ~ ON SALE NOW !!

WooHoo ~ it's Friday ! Out of the Box Sampler is on sale now ! I of course was up at the crack of dawn to get mine ! Ok ~ so you're thinknig to yourself ~ she's nuts ! Well I am, but that's beside the point. There are very few things I do just for me ~ my life generally revolves around my family, but that's ok ~ I am completely happy with my life. Every once in a while though I find something that is JUST for me ! Out of the Box is my latest "just for me". The box is filled with samples from some of the best etailers out there (they really are awesome!). Soaps, bath salts, lotions, tarts, candles, etc. So, the box is on sale now (last months box sold out completely within 24 hours !) & if you're like me & looking for something "just for you", I urge you to try Out of the Box Sampler ! Want to know some of the awesome etailers in this months box? OK ~ You twisted my arm ~ here's the lineup :
Colorado Catnip Toys
Nuturing Beauty
Passion Moon Potions
My Two Sunshines
M D Candles
Willow Lake Scents
Magick Moon Soap Wurks
Strawberry Fields Candles
Tree Of Life Creations
Dazzle Dott
The Muddy Moose
Southern Charm Soap Co.
Gassner Custom Soaps
Deborahs Candle magick
Oregon Candle Gels
Sweet Ambs
K & T Creations
Laura Lees Tasty Treats
Anita Crafty Creations
Creative Scentsations
Angel Made Scents
Baked by the Lake
Nemesis Productions
Scentimentally You
One Scrappy Chic
Ugly Duckling Designs
Stauners Coffee
Natural Goodies
BlueRose Candles
Spa Desires
Anam Cara
Sweet Texas Scents
Soy Massage Oil Candles
Memories By Olenka
Lucky Dog Treat Company

WOW ~ that's one hell of a lineup this month ~ I can't wait to get my box !!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Princess

This is "My Princess" on her 80th Birthday (10/4/08)

Anyone that actually "knows" me knows that "my princess" was my nickname for my wonderful grandmother. I moved her from NY to PA in June of 2007. She was 78 at the time & was unable to care for herself anymore. Early signs of dementia were rearing their ugly heads & I begged her to come live with me. She finally broke down & aggreed & I high-tailed it to NY to pack her up & move her here before she had a chance to change her mind. My grandfather had been in a nursing home for several years at that point & there was no way I would be able to care for him at home, so I was making arrangements to transfer him to a nursing home in PA. On June 16th of 2007 my grandmother & I (along with my uncle & my kids) made the 6 hour drive from NY to my house. When my husband & I bought our home it came with a seperate smaller house on the property & this is where my grandmother would live. She wanted to have her own place & that was ok with me since I was right next door & could check on her several times a day. I never realized the process & all the paperwork that goes in to transferring a patient in a nursing home from one state to another & a month later we were still no closer to getting my grandfather here with us. I kept in touch with the administrator of the nursing home in NY & on the 24th of July she called to tell me that my grandfather was not doing well. The morning (very early) of the 25th ~ I once again packed up my grandmother & headed back to NY (picked my mother up along the way). We spent 7 hours with my grandfather ~ thanking him for everything, recalling fond memories, etc, etc. I'm sure the nurses all thought I was a bit looney when I climbed into bed with my "Poppy" & held him in my arms for the last hour of his life, but I knew it was what he would have done if the shoe had been on the other foot (I've worked in Nursing for 18 years & never saw anyone climb into the bed with their loved one). I guess this is a good place to tell you that I was raised by my grandparents & they were my world. So, funeral in NY ~ had my grandfather brought back to PA , another funeral here... in February of 2008 I called 911 for my grandmother (I thought she had taken a stroke). She spent 20 days in the hospital ~ no stroke on admittance , but her coratid artery on the left was 98% blocked! Surgery on March 5th (my mothers birthday) ~ she had a stroke on the operating table & after fighting with hospital staff that I could provide MUCH better care for her at home I was finally able to take her home on the 16th of March. My husband (although he sometimes drives me crazy) is an amazing man ! I basically had to move out of my house & into my grandmothers because she now required 24 hour care. Our days were NOT easy & I struggled with the fact that she no longer knew who I was most days. On one of her "good" days we came up with a code, so that even if she couldn't remember my name she would know that she was loved by me & that she was somewhere safe. When she would get that far away look in her eyes, I would hug her & call her "My Princess" & she would say "thank-you for loving me, whoever you are". "My Princess" was our code & it worked until the day she died. My Princess went to be with her Prince (aka my grandfather) on November 13th 2008 (& yes ~ I climbed into bed with her & held her in my arms) & I miss her like crazy ! Tomorrow will be 2 months & I've been thinking of her all day, so I thought I would share a little bit of "our story" with all of you. Somehow, I feel better now ~ not great, but better...

Another Cute Giveaway

Nancy is having a great giveaway for her 100th post ! Head on over for your chance to win !


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Countdown for Out of the Box

Countdown for Out of the box Sampler has begun !! WooHoo ~ 5 more days til the box is on sale. If you don't know what Out of the Box is you need to hurry over & check it out !! Here's a quick run down though in case you ignore my blatant plea to GO TO THE WEBSITE ~ LOL. Every month Michelle organizes a sample box ~ these are samples that etailers send in in exchange for advertising ( & Michelle does ALOT of advertising). So, the samples are distributed among the boxes (12-17 per box, but lately it's been more ~ i got 20 in each box last month) & go on sale the 3rd Friday of every month. You'll find tons on great goodies like: soaps, lotions, makeup, candles, tarts, along with teas, cocoas, cookies & the list goes on... I first bought a box in Oct. ~ loved it ! Bought another in Nov. ~ Loved it even more. Decided to contribute my samples to the box for Dec. + of course I bought a box (I won a free one too for posting reviews of the products here on my blog). Signed up to contribute to the Jan. box (+ of course I'll again be buying one) which goes on sale Jan. 16th. Just signed up to contribute to the Feb. box(Valentine theme ladies !).So, now I'm counting the days until I can get my OOTB fix !!

Trappeur Lodge Feature

I met Suzanne on the candle co op forum & was immediately in awe of the photos she had posted of her work. We chatted a bit on the forum & the more pictures I saw the more I loved ! I emailed her for information on how to order from her & pricing for her products & we spent alot of time chatting on the computer. I found out that Suzanne mostly sells locally & by word of mouth (well I certainly have a big mouth!), but isn't yet set up online (well ~ her blog is ~ I did that last night,lol). So I'm working on (more like pestering) getting her to set up an Etsy shop so the rest of the world can see some of the amazing "Mountain Home Furnishings" she makes ,as well as her awesome candles & tarts. If anyone is interested in Suzannes work ~ please feel free to drop me a line & I'll get her contact info to you asap. I don't have prices listed for the "Mountain Home Furnishing" line since everything is custom made & depends on what you're looking for.

Mirror Set

Cornice Board

Cornice Board

Cornice Board

Bear Mirror

11 Ft. Mirror !

24 oz. Keepsake Jar Candle $19.95 & Paint Can Candle $12.00

20 oz. Mason Jar Candle $18.00

32 oz. Vintage Canning Jar Candle $26.00

Beautiful Soy Fire Starters $1.25 each

Pumpkin Pie & Hot Cocoa Soy Tarts 75 cents each

Pink Sugar Soy Tarts 75 cents each

Holiday Soy Tarts 75 cents each

Mason Jar filled with soy tarts (40-50 tarts per jar) $12.95

Beautiful Rustic Soy Tarts ~ $1.25 each