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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things aren't as bad....thanks Suzanne !

Well ~ at least tonight is better than the day was. Kind of anyway... We got the couch put back in the living room (had to move it for the Christmas Tree), I got some things put away, I made up a box to send to a teriffic lady that I found on Audrey's Blog ~ she makes up bags of goodies for families of Hospice patients ( I emailed her after reading about her project about how I could help ~ I'm sending her some of my product samples along with a bunch of other stuff to add to these gift bags) & I spent A LONG time emailing a new friend Suzanne ~ trying to convince her that the products she makes are AWESOME & she needs to open up an online shop so the rest of the world can see what she has to offer( she can talk as much as I can ~ ugh oh, my hubby is not gonna like that ~ he already thinks I spend too much time in front of "the flickering box" ~LMAO) & I want her to send some of her samples to Michelle at Out Of The Box Sampler cuz I think that once she gets her name out there she's gonna have more business than she knows what to do with. Oh yeah ~ & she's an interior designer & takes amazing photos ! She's a riot too & had me almost pissing my pants laughing (which I most definitely needed today !). So ~ Thanks Suzanne for making my day a little better ! AND ~ MY DAUGHTER DID THE DISHES ~ Can ya tell I'm doin' a happy dance ?? So, it's quiet now ~ son & hubby are watchin football, daughter is... in her room (sulking I guess , aliens DID NOT invade my body , so she didn't go to the party!) & I don't feel as shitty as I did earlier !


Trappeurs Lodge said...

Heather, I still can't believe you set this all up for me and created my own blog! There aren't enough thankyous out there to thankyou! Now all I have to do is learn how to blog. I can't wait to do your photography for you....We've only been on the computer together for last 7 hours! I found someone who is like me! lol Well, now I have a new venture and with help from this talented lady I just might be on my way to meeting new people and learn how to market my candles and cornice boards....Do you need a couple toothpicks for your eye lids like I do? Thankyou again Heather!


Trappeurs Lodge said...

Well, I'm back again and just wanted to say I'm going to feed the horses and start getting motivated to do some candle orders and learn about navigating on my site. You'll be hearing "lots" from me...I can assure that!lol

Hope you having a good day!

Trappeur (my real name is Suzanne)
Geesh now do I post as Trappeur or Suzanne? lol, lol...Boy you met a real dummy here! Maybe you should give classes on learning to blog?
What does that word stand for anyway? Anything?

Bailey said...

Heather did a great job Trap and it won't be long before you have this all figured out as well. Keep it up and your dreams are sure to follow.

Trappeurs Lodge said...

lol, yes she sure did Bailey! Well, I made a long comment a couple of hours ago and I can't find it It was thanking her for the surprize banner I found when I went to my blog she made for me...but I posted it here...and just can't seem to find it...unless it went under someone elses title? That could very well be....oh my! I sent her any email...maybe she can find my post on her site here! Unless I didn't hit the enter button...hmmm...but I'm pretty sure I did because I remember doing a word