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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trappeur Lodge Feature

I met Suzanne on the candle co op forum & was immediately in awe of the photos she had posted of her work. We chatted a bit on the forum & the more pictures I saw the more I loved ! I emailed her for information on how to order from her & pricing for her products & we spent alot of time chatting on the computer. I found out that Suzanne mostly sells locally & by word of mouth (well I certainly have a big mouth!), but isn't yet set up online (well ~ her blog is ~ I did that last night,lol). So I'm working on (more like pestering) getting her to set up an Etsy shop so the rest of the world can see some of the amazing "Mountain Home Furnishings" she makes ,as well as her awesome candles & tarts. If anyone is interested in Suzannes work ~ please feel free to drop me a line & I'll get her contact info to you asap. I don't have prices listed for the "Mountain Home Furnishing" line since everything is custom made & depends on what you're looking for.

Mirror Set

Cornice Board

Cornice Board

Cornice Board

Bear Mirror

11 Ft. Mirror !

24 oz. Keepsake Jar Candle $19.95 & Paint Can Candle $12.00

20 oz. Mason Jar Candle $18.00

32 oz. Vintage Canning Jar Candle $26.00

Beautiful Soy Fire Starters $1.25 each

Pumpkin Pie & Hot Cocoa Soy Tarts 75 cents each

Pink Sugar Soy Tarts 75 cents each

Holiday Soy Tarts 75 cents each

Mason Jar filled with soy tarts (40-50 tarts per jar) $12.95

Beautiful Rustic Soy Tarts ~ $1.25 each

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Trappeurs Lodge said...

Well I'm a day late to responding to the beatiful feature you did for me Heather....When I got up yesterday and got on the computer I went right to your blog to see what you had done and then to my blog you made for me and what a surprize when I got to mine and saw you had my banner up! It looks so wonderful! Christmas has come I wish I had 1/2 the talent you have when it comes to computers. Your choice of background, color co-ordinations right down to the little details you put in are just so professional and just so me...You need to do this as another career and full time. You'd be swamped with work! lol Thankyou so very much for all the effort and time you put into my blog for me and me on your site! Wait till I do a feature on you in mine!

(Are there any smilies here? I sure could use one for