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Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Out of the Box Sampler Review !

It's here, It's Finally Here !! The January Out of the Box Sampler arrived on my doorstep this afternoon ! I love the new "box" the samples are packaged in ! So, without further ado ~ here is what I received & my opinion on the products ! First, there were 3 lovely samples packaged "outside the box" (details with individual pictures). "Outside the box" products from M-D Candles, Lucky Dog Treat Company & Sweet Ambs
OMG ~ Look at all the goodies !!

Georgeous Cookie from Sweet Ambs that I almost didn't eat because it was so pretty. Ok ~ so I broke down & ate it ~ YUMMY !! Orange Vanilla Spice flavor.

Top is the packaging for the Sweet Ambs Cookie. Bottom of picture is a package of 6 little doggie treats (shaped like shamrocks) in the cutest cello bag with paw prints on it. The label is too cute !! I don't have a doggie (yet ~ I'm still workin' on the hubby!) so I'm passing this on to a friend that does. This is from Lucky Dog Treat Company

Full size jar candle in Cinnamon Stix scent from M-D Candles. This candle smelled Yummy on cold sniff, but even better once I lit it !! My whole house smelled like I spent the day baking ! Hubby asked what kind of goodies I was baking (he was pretty disappointed to find that it was the candle burning ~ said I really shouldn't tease him like that ~ lmao!). Once again Misty didn't disappoint ! I'm always happy to see her samples in the box !

Mary Kay samples from Tracy Hardesty ~ mineral eye color, mineral cheek color & creme lipstick ~ all in colors that I will definitely use so great sample. Plus 20% off lipstick or lipgloss & 25% off all skin care products ! Next is the cute catnip toy with the Hippie VW Car on it from
Colorado Catnip Toys ~ my kitties are lovin' this already ! Then there is the Nice sized candle in a tin in Mulberry scent (one of my favorite scents!) from Sweet Texas Scents ~ great scent on cold sniff ! And the last one in this picture is a 4 oz. jar of Aroma Beads in Fireside Embers scent from Deborahs Candle Magick ~ Very generous sample & pleasant scent. She also included a 15% discount on 1st purchase & a "special gift" w/ order.

Here we have Bath Salts in Ice scent from Scentimentally You ~ Very nice fresh scent ! Vanilla Pumpkin Take Out Tart from Angel Made Scents (love her tarts !). Cute little gift shaped unscented Shea Butter soap from Luxspa & a nice sized Gift shaped Tart from M-D Candles in Cinnamon Apple scent (another of my favorite scents). Smells Divine !!

Left to Right ~ Cinnabun Tart from Luxspa that smells awesome !! Pine scented Bath Salts from Divine Serenity Salts. I didn't think I was going to like this one at first ~ pine isn't really my thing, but I opened the bag & was pleasantly surprised ! This sample really smells Great !! And the last one is from ME ~ I don't review my own samples ~ lol. So I'll just tell you that it's a Honey Orange Sugar & Shea Lip Scrub.

This is the cutest Flip Flop Tart from Ugly Duckling Designs. Large tart & it smells amazing !! I could smell this one way before I even opened the bag! Plus a 15% discount !! Thanks for the Hint of Summer Michelle !!

Next up is this nice size sample of Lavender Rose Cream Goats Milk Soap. Normally, I HATE lavender, but for some reason I LOVE this sample !! Maybe it's the combination of lavender & rose, I don't know, but this is heading off to the tub with me tonight !! This is from Magick Moon Soap Wurks

Peanut Butter Blossom Melt from Blue Rose Candles. I was VERY tempted to put this on a plate on the table & see who would be the first to try & eat it ~ lmao. I resisted the urge & put it in my warmer instead !

Vegan Coffee Bar Soap from Anitas Crafty Creations. I love that this soap has coffee grounds in it for an exfoliant ! Next is a nice size Gel Tart from Oregon Candle Gels in Oregon Campfire scent. I LOVE that someone has finally made a gel tart !! Nice scent too !

Here we have a very generous sample from My Two Sunshines . A Pink Frosted Cupcake scented tart ~ OMG this smells sooooo Yummy !! & Rice Flower & Shea Yogurt Lotion. I've never tried a yogurt lotion before, so I was excited to get this sample ! It left my hands feeling so smooth & moisturized !! And Rice Flower & Shea is definitely a new favorite scent !!

And last but Definitely NOT least is this absolutely beautiful Valentine's Day card from Memories by Olenka. Let me just say, this is one talented lady !! I will absolutely be heading to her website for all my card giving needs !!

Inside of the card
So, there ya have it ~ Another AWESOME BOX from Out of the Box Sampler !! Teriffic Job Michelle !!
BTW ~ Next months box goes on sale February 6th so you get it in time for Valentin's Day!!


Lori Downs said...

WOW I want one!! how do I get one!! ,,,,,lol

Flight Fancy said...

What a great box of goodies! I bet that was fun to get in the mail :)

Carolyn G said...

Great box. I haven't received mine yet but hopefully I will get it tomorrow~~~

The Blonde Duck said...

Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

WOW I love the way you reviewd your box! ::Jots down notes:: 80) thatnks for the review! that was one of my fav cards too.