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Friday, December 19, 2008

Update to planned school attack

My mind is reeling at the images from the news of the weapons that were confiscated from this boys home. Automatic rifles ? Where do 17 year old boys get these things ?? Oh & his Myspace quote? He "wants to watch the world burn". Ok, so I know this boy is in custody (100,000.00 bail) but I am still terrified to let my daughter go to school on Monday. Am I over-reacting ?? I really don't think I am. They announced the boys name on the news tonight & my daughter says she's seen him but doesn't know him. My son on the other hand (who I really didn't think about since he goes to a different school) actually KNOWS this boy !! I am bordering on hysterical & cannot even fathom what the parents of Columbine High School students went through. Although I did my share of crying while watching the news of Columbine & of course I felt terrible for all the students, parents & school faculty ~ I now have a new appreciation for what terror actually feels like.....


Sweet Lollipop Shop said...

I know how you feel, we had a similar scare at my daughters high school around thanksgiving. There had been a text message going around the school that someone was planning an attack on a certain date and the police were involved.

I know they arrested at least one person and they said the threat had been taken care of, but I was still nervous to let my daughter go to school, she insisted and I said ok, but I was definately nervous and second guessing myself about it.

Out of the Box Sampler said...

I can't understand what the world has come to! This is supposed to be the best years of their lives, but they have so much hate for their fellow students. Where does that come from.

It's very scary to let our children go to school anymore. I pray for my kids protection all the time because we can't protect them all the time, but I know someone who can!

My prayers and thoughts are with you & your family Heather!