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Friday, December 19, 2008

Out of the Box Sampler December Box Reviews

Ok ~ I got 2 boxes this month (the one I bought & the one I won) so I'll post each box review seperately. If I got the same product in the 2nd box I'll just put "see box 1 review" ~ Here we go.

BOX # 1

1. Out of the Box Sampler ~ Chocolate covered spoon. Yummy ~ I like to use these in my french vanilla coffee.

2. Teton Cocoa Company ~ French Vanilla Hot Cocoa & mini marshmallows. I LOVE hot cocoa on a cold winter day & since the weather here is MISERABLE (snow/sleet/freezing rain) ~ I'm drinking my cocoa as I do my reviews. I made mine with milk instead of water & it's delicious & creamy !!

3. Country Heart Blends ~ Tangy Onion Dip Mix. Dip mixes are another of my favorite things. I'll be mixing this up on Sunday for football !! Chips & dip anyone?

4. Six Peas In A Pod ~ Prim Stocking Ornie. These are adorable but since I got one of these in the November box I'll be using this one as a package tie on for my sister-in-laws Christmas gift (I know she'll love it !!)

5. Angel Made Scents ~ 2- 2oz. Take Out Tarts in Gingerbread & Spiced Eggnog scents. Both smell yummy !!

6. Little Mac's Candles ~ Tea Light Sampler Pack ~ Let me just say "WOW"!! I love the packaging (looks like a tootsie roll can). Contains 6 scented tea lights in the following scents: grandma's kitchen, cranberry, christmas tree, cinnamon stick, hazelnut & christmas cheer. Also includes a magnet & a pack of matches & coupons. I love coupons ~ this had 4 of them : 25% off a 125.00 order, 15% off a 50.00 order, FREE 1/2 dozen tea lights & 10% off an order. The tea lights smell great (hazelnut will get passed along just because I don't like that scent). This one wins my vote for best sample !!

7. LuxSpa ~ Shea Butter Soap in Apple scent. I like the scent & the sample is cute but I wish the ingredients were listed on the sample. I don't like using products that I don't know what's in them. I'm going to try contacting the company for a list of ingredients.

8. Sweet Lollipop Shop ~ The cutest little Rubber Ducky Soap. This is adorable & will be going in my 3 yr. old niece's christmas stocking.

9. Joyful Designs In Soy ~ Mulberry Candle (maybe 1 oz. ?) This is burning as I type (mulberry is one of my favorite scents) & I love it ! Burns clean, no smoke. (no warning label though)

10. Karen's Country Candles ~ Candy Corn Tart. Nice light sweet scent.

11. Mookie Doodle ~ Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper Tart. OMG ~ this scent is amazing, definitely a new favorite !! PLUS 10% off 1st order ~ did I mention that I love discounts ?

12. Magic Moon Soap Wurks ~ Raspberry Patchouli goats milk soap. Smells awesome, but again no ingredients listed so I'll contact this company too . I really love this scent & I don't usually like anything with patchouli in it.

13. Natural Goodies ~ Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane Soap ~ smells yummy (I love minty scents)& who doesn't love chocolate ??? Soap is pretty too !

14. Green Tangerine ~ 2 oz. Bartlett Pear Lotion. This has a nice light pear scent (not overpowering). I'll definitely be keeping this one for myself (unless my daughter already snatched it since she loved it too).

15. Soy By Jen ~ Gingerbread Tart. I used to think I didn't like gingerbread scent but I guess I just wasn't buying the right one because I love this!!

16. Tishomingo Candle & Soap Co. ~ Orange Peel & Cinnamon Candle. Ohhhhh this smells divine !! Another new favorite (can you tell yet that I'm a scent junkie ?).

17. m-d candles ~ Christmas Eve scented Candle in a cute penguin tin pail. I really like this one (the candle is a little banged up where the handle of the pail is inside but otherwise this is a keeper).

18. Lorains Touch ~ Orchid scented candle in a tin. Smells amazing !! (no warning label though)

19. The Pig and the Peacock ~ Lucious Lavender & Vanilla Soap with lavender buds. Lavender & do not agree so I'll pass this on to my mother-in-law but the soap is a pretty lavender color & looks great with the buds in it. (no ingredientd listed)

20. Willow Lake Scents ~ (Hey, that's me ~ lol.) Ok ~ so I'm not going to review my own sample but I will say that these little prim candy canes are scattered all over my house !!

Box # 1 ~ Another amazing box !! My only complaint is the lack of ingredients listed.

Ok ~ onto the next one

BOX # 2

1. Teton Cocoa Company ~ Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Cocoa & mini marshmallows. I'll give this one to my mother-in-law because she likes Hazelnut. (I LOVED my sample from box 1 though!!)
2. Out of the Box Sampler ~ See box 1 Review
3. SBS Teas ~ I really LOVE this company !! Chocolate Mint Truffle Cocoa, Home For The Holidays Black Tea, China Tea Shoppe Soap & Peppermint candies PLUS 15% discount on a future order (in case I didn't mention ~I Love discounts ~ lol). My only suggestion here would be to not pkg. the soap with the cocoa & tea samples ~ food & soap don't go well together & my cocoa sample tasted slightly of soap. (I got amples from this company in last months box too with no soap taste in the cocoa & it was delicious !)
4. Vintage Chenille ~ This is really cute but I'm not quite sure what it is. A sachet maybe? It smells like lavender, so again I'll pass it on to my mother-in-law.
5. Joyful Designs In Soy ~ Lovespell candle ~ See box 1 review. (PS ~ I love Lovespell scent)
6. Body Luxe ~ Holiday Essence Old Fashioned Bar Soap. Very pretty soap & smells great too !! PLUS 15% off 1st order. (no discount comments this time) (no ingredients listed).
7. Magick Moon Soap Wurks ~ Spiced Pomegranate Soap. Smells Divine !! (no ingredients listed)
8. Karen's Country Candles ~ Pumpkin Pie scented Putks Pods. Mmmmmmmmmm ~ I love fixins !!
9. LuxSpa ~ Red Hot Cinnamon Tart in a cute little rocking horse shape. I love cinnamon !!
10. Maine Naturally ~ This is a cute little Christmas Tree but I'm not sure whether it's a soap or a tart. No scent listed either but it smells GREAT !!
11. The Hen House Shop ~ Baked Apple Votive PLUS buy 6 candles get 7th free !! Candle smells teriffic & I really love Free things !!
12. Little Mac's Candles ~ See box # 1 Review ~ Again A+++
13. The Pig and the Peacock ~ Calming Cucumber Melon Soap with Oatmeal. Smells good & is very pretty (no ingredients).
14. Tishomingo Candle & Soap Co. ~ See box # 1 review. I MIGHT be nice & give this to my sister-in-law ( I really like this scent).
15. Park Avenue Creations ~ Gingerbread goats milk soap (heart shape) & Nile Queen scented lotion. Both smell teriffic !! PLUS 20% off discount !! All in a pretty red organza bag.
16. Mattie Reid Chicago ~ Very Pretty earrings that my daughter is going to LOVE !! PLUS 15% off discount.
17. Unicorn Kids Studios ~ Another very pretty pair of earrings that my daughter will love !! PLUS FREE SHIPPING on 1st order !!
18. Bath Artisan Soaps ~ Almond solid body butter & Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap PLUS 10% discount on next purchase. 5 Stars on this one ~ love the packaging !!
19. m-d candles ~ Mistletoe candle in penguin pail ~ See box #1 Review
20. Willow Lake Scents ~ See box # 1 Review.
Wow ~ that was alot of typing !! My typing class from high school has finally paid off !
These boxes were AMAZING !! I got alot of great products to use myself & lots of goodies for stocking stuffers for family that I know they are gonna LOVE !!


Sweet Lollipop Shop said...

I'm so glad you liked the elf ducky mini soap, they were one of my favorite mini soaps this year. I was going to buy a box myself but unfortunately lost power for 5 days when they were on sale .. maybe next month .. the samples sound fabulous!
Happy Holidays :)

Anne-Marie said...

The sampler looks great! What a nice assortment of goodies.

Pampering U said...

Hello, thanks for sharing the contents of your sample boxes. How exciting that you won one! The samples look and sound great--nice assortment. Where do you get the sample boxes? Thanks.